ISO Systems

Russell IT Solutions have developed a variety of ISO systems which can be purchased on a subscription basis. We also provide the ability to re-brand your site by sending us a new header and footer file to be included in your systems. We are qualified ISO internal auditors, so we use this knowledge to ensure our systems comply to various ISO standards.

Feedback Management

This system has been created to assist with compliance to ISO 9001 clause 8.3, 8.5.2 and 8.5.3. The system is very customisable so you're able to configure the system to meet your exact requirements.
Price: £6 + VAT /month

Training Management

This system has been created for monitoring the training of your staff. You are able to add all your members of staff, their key information, certificates and current training. The system will then keep you informed of any training that is about to expire and boasts other useful features, such as a skills matrix and group training.
Price: £6 + VAT /month

Certification Management

This system has been created to assist with monitoring your certifications. The system will remind you when your certifications are coming up for renewal.
Price: £5 + VAT /month

If you would like to use a demo of any of our systems, or if you are a consultancy company and require multiple licenses, please request a quote and let us know the quantities of the systems you require.

We provide discounts for people buying multiple systems.